Solutions for Landlords and Owners

Protect your home and your health...

Is your property suffering from? ​

Are you or your tenants being impacted by?

All of these problems are a result of poor indoor air quality and left untreated can create an unhealthy and unhappy home, as well as expensive redecoration costs.

Why take ventilation so seriously?

Keep a happy, healthy home. By removing condensation, mould and air borne pollutants - owners and tenants will be happier and healthier.

Avoid re-decoration costs. Left untreated, condensation mould can become an expensive nightmare to rectify.

Protect your investment. Whilst condensation is typically evident from streaming windows, damp patches and black mould, it can also develop in places where it is impossible to see.

No need to open windows. Not only will that benefit allergy sufferers or those living in urban environments, but during colder periods, significant energy loss occurs by opening windows, thereby increasing heating costs and energy loss.

Solutions for a healthy home

At Ferrob Ventilation we offer a range of high quality, high performing, yet cost effective solutions for Landlords and Home Owners, designed to improve air quality quickly and efficiently. These include:

Technically advanced bathroom and kitchen fans, including electronically controlled devices with humidity displays - ideal for tracking and keeping on top of humidity and moisture levels >>

Positive Input Ventilation - one of the most effective and easy to install methods of eradicating condensation and mould >>

Centralised mechanical extractincluding units that incorporate heat recovery - perfect for maintaining indoor air quality in new build properties >>

Landlords click here and learn how to avoid tenant complaints and tackle the condensation season >>

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