Support Services

At Ferrob Ventilation we are committed to providing the highest level of support to our customers and offer services ranging from experienced on-site  engineers, dedicated customer care and specialist ventilation home surveys for properties suffering from Condensation, Mould and high levels of Humidity.

Ventilation Home Surveys

Are Condensation, Streaming Windows and Black Mould common problems in your home or the homes you manage?

To combat these issues, we offer FREE surveys to homeowners, landlords and letting agents.

Click here to read more or to book a survey call 03443 715523.

Technical and Design | Engineering Services

Our technical team at Ferrob Ventilation are not only on hand to help with enquiries relating to a project design, installation query or to help recommend the most suitable system for your property, though also offer:

To speak with a member of our technical team or for a competitive quotation on our engineering services, please call 03443 715523.

Fan Installation Services

Do you have problems with core-drilling? | Do your electricians dislike core-drilling? | Do you resent buying core-bits and equipment?

We can take these problems away for you!

Our qualified and trained installers will visit your site, armed with our own certified equipment and take away any hassle of installing domestic fans.

Coupled with a range of fans to pre-order and deliver to site, our team of installers will core drill the hole where required, neatly fit the fan, wall sleeve and outside grille and then allow your electricians to connect the lead to the supply / transformer. Quick and efficient service.

For a competitive quote, call us on 03443 715523.

Customer Care

We pride ourselves on the excellent level of customer care our team provides and are available to help with any questions or requests through a dedicated hotline.

Tel: 03443 715523 | Fax: 03443 715524 | Email:


Accredited by BPEC, we offer installers the opportunity to learn new skills and increase their scope of work by attending a training course originally written and run by Polypipe Ventilation. To read more CLICK HERE or to book your place call them on 03443 715523.