Solutions for Housing Providers

At Ferrob Ventilation we understand that Social Housing Providers are committed to maintaining and improving their housing stock through planned maintenance and repair; ensuring that their tenants live in a high quality and comfortable property.

For the last 33 years we have worked closely with Housing Providers by providing support services and product solutions which help maintain a happy and healthy environment for their tenants.

Why is ventilation so important?

Even in today's modern air tight homes, condensation is a serious and common problem and is often a result of poor, inadequate ventilation.

Whilst condensation is typically evident through streaming windows, damp patches and black mould, it can also develop in places where it is impossible to see, such as inside walls. Left untreated, the effects of condensation can cause significant damage to the fabric of the building and become an expensive nightmare for Housing Providers.

What common signs should I look for?

If you are managing a property and you notice any of the following, or the occupants are complaining of these problems - then the house and those that are living in it are suffering from inadequate, poor ventilation:

* Condensation developing on windows and walls

* Mould around windows, on furnishings and fixings

* A moist and unpleasant smell

* Damp patches

* Streaming windows

* Duct mites

Worryingly, these problems can also lead to health issues for occupants such as:

* Allergies

* Asthma

* Other respiratory problems

Solutions for Housing Providers

Ferrob PIV
Ferrob PIV unit

At Ferrob Ventilation we offer Housing Providers a range of high quality, effective and easy to install ventilation solutions, designed to improve air quality quickly and efficiently. These include:

For added peace of mind, we also offer installation services and guidance. If this is of interest, please Contact Us today.

What are the benefits to Housing Providers?

No complaints and peace of mind. By removing condensation, mould and air borne pollutants - occupants will be happier and healthier.

Maintenance and repair costs are lowered. Left untreated, condensation mould can become an expensive nightmare to rectify.

The fabric of your housing stock is protected. Whilst condensation is typically evident from streaming windows, damp patches and black mould, it can also develop in places where it is impossible to see.

If you are experiencing problems caused by the condensation season, learn how you can best tackle these problems>>