Ferrob Ventilation PIV

Developed to eliminate mould and condensation from the home by a constant circulation of gently pressurized clean air.

Discreetly mounted in the loft area of either a house or flat, the gentle pressurization of the property means that stale, humid and unclean air is effectively removed through natural ventilation points - which are present in even the most insulated buildings.


  • Cures condensation and mould
  • Stops windows from streaming
  • Maintains healthy, clean indoor air
  • Ideal for allergy and asthma sufferers
  • Simple loft mounting for easy installation
  • Lowers space heating costs through solar heat gain
  • Requires minimal fillter maintenance
  • Quiet, discreet performance
  • Two speed motor to suit a wide range of dwellings
  • Extremely low energy consumption
  • 2 year warranty

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Model Description
S2000LW Loft mounted | 2-speed manual switch (MOST POPULAR UNIT)
S2000LWH Loft mounted | 2-speed manual switch | Automatic 100w duct heater

Don't Hide The Problem - Cure It

How Does PIV Work?

Designed as a low maintenance, cost effective and high quality solution, our whole house PIV unit is discreetly sited in the loft to continuously supply fresh, clean air into a property through gentle and positive pressurisation.

Stale and unclean air is then dispersed through natural leakage points - forcing out and eradicating condensation, mould and other air pollutants.

To lower space heating costs, our energy efficient PIV unit also utilises solar heat gain from within the loft space by filtering and breathing the air gently into the home.

* Clean, filtered air is drawn from the loft area and fed into the home via a diffuser located in the hallway

* Pollutants are removed

* Moisture and condensation are eradicated

Cure Condensation and Break the Mould

With Ferrob Ventilation....


Tenants and home occupants will see quick results and live in a healthier, happier environment

The risk of incurring re-decoration costs are removed

Simple loft mounting allows for easy installation

Low maintenance - requires only minimal filter maintenance

With no need to open windows, household energy consumption is reduced

Services you can count on - with 33 years of experience supplying and installing for Landlords, Housing Providers and Home Owners alike!


Why Ventilation is SO Important

Keep a happy, healthy home. By removing condensation, mould and air borne pollutants - owners and tenants will be happier and healthier.

Avoid re-decoration costs. Left untreated, condensation mould can beomce an expensive nightmare to rectify.

Protect your investment. Whilst condensation is typically evident from steaming windows, damp patches and black mould, it can also develop in places where it is impossible to see.

No need to open windows. Not only will that benefit allergy sufferers or those living in urban enviornments, but during colder periods, significant energy loss occurs by opening windows, thererby increasing heating costs and energy loss.

Services & Performance You Can Count On

To obtain a quote on our PIV units, please click here or call 03443 715523. Alternatively email sales@ferrob.co.uk.

For peace of mind and simplicity, we also have a team of trained engineers available to install your Ferrob Ventilation PIV unit, as well as offering FREE home surveys. Contact us to discuss.

Electrical 230V ~ A.C. 50Hz These units require an earth. All wiring must comply with current IEE regulations. A double pole isolating switch, having a contact separation of at least 3mm in all poles, must be used with a 3 amp fuse fitted.
Motor Single phase induction motor with pre-oiled ball-bearings fitted for a long maintenance free life and protected by a thermal fuse.
Installation The fans are designed to be loft or cupboard mounted. The inlet grille must be mounted at least 1m from any smoke detectors but full installation and operating instructions are provided with each unit.
Performance S2000 / M2000 / S3000 - supply rate of 44 litres/sec on slow speed and 55 l/s on fast.
Additional Data
  • Fan speed: 2400 rpm.
  • Sound volume: 25.0 dB(A)
  • Maximum operating temperature 40ºC

S2000LW Most Popular of Units

Download the Installation Manual HERE>>

Dimensions and Typical Installation Illustration


S2000 Low Wattage - Most Popular Range

Light in weight at 5.15kg

Supply rate
Supply voltage Max wattage Noise level
(full speed)
Warranty Colour Self-cleaning sensor Speed options Max pressure
55l/s 44l/s 230V 50Hz 6 slow
27 fast
25dBA 2 years Blue or Grey No 2 speed manual 50 Pa

M2000 / S2000NI / M2000NI

Supply rate
Supply voltage Max wattage Noise level
(full speed)
Warranty Colour Self-cleaning sensor Speed options Max pressure
55l/s 44l/s 230V 50Hz 30 slow
70 fast
25dBA 2 years Grey Yes 2 speed auto 50 Pa.



Supply rate
Supply voltage Max wattage Noise level
(full speed)
Warranty Colour Self-cleaning sensor Speed options Max pressure
55l/s 44l/s 230V 50Hz 3 slow
13 fast
20dBA 2 years Grey No 2 speed manual 50 Pa