Condensation Solutions

How to Stop Condensation

Condensation is a serious and common problem found in many homes throughout the UK and is often a result of poor ventilation.

Whilst condensation is typically evident through streaming windows, damp patches and black mould, it can also develop in places where it is impossible to see, such as inside walls. Left untreated, the effects of condensation can cause significant damage to the fabric of the building and become an expensive nightmare for home owners, landlords and housing providers alike.

Living in a home impacted by condensation damp can also be very upsetting for its occupants and could cause serious health issues. What’s worse, between Autumn and Spring, colder and wetter air temperatures within the UK will make existing and untreated condensation problems worse. This period is what is also known as the Condensation Season.

For landlords and housing providers, the impact of the Condensation Season unfortunately means that tenants are most likely to:

All of these reactions are only natural but likely to make the problem much worse and increase tenant complaints.

Our cure for Condensation and Mould:

Ferrob Ventilaton’s Positive Input Ventilation (PIV) unit.

Cures Condensation and Mould | Stops Windows Streaming

Avoids Costly Re-Decoration | Provides Quick Results

Benefits Allergy Sufferers | Quiet and Discreet

Easy to Install and Maintain | No Need to Open Windows

Maintains Healthy Clean Air | Helps Retain Happy Tenants




Installing our PIV unit is an easy method of removing condensation problems quickly without causing unnecessary remedial work and lots of cost.

Our experience and expertise in the social and private housing sectors means that we have been able to tailor our solutions to meet your needs.

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